Innovative technologies in the classroom

We are an educational technology company specialized in the development of educational products and services based on Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality whose objective is to make learning fun by using new technologies.

What do we do?

Content creators 

We are creators of educational content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for schools and children's leisure centers. We create low content according to customer needs.

Educational consulting

We advise and accompany during the entire process of creating experiences and educational projects in Augmented Reality and Virtual.Virtual experiences, escaperoom, educational gymkhanas, robotics, extracurricular, etc.


We create books with Augmented Reality. We accompany the client in the design of the idea, elaboration of sketches, programming of the Augmented Reality, layout and printing of the book.

Our values

Team work

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.


Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life.


If you want different results, you have to try different approaches.


90% of success is simply based on continuing working hard.


Commitment is what turns a promise into reality.

Continuous learning

Invent. Creates. Take risks. Rules breaker. He makes mistakes. Have fun.


Focuses on entertainment through technologies in Augmented Reality and Virtual for ages between 5 and 18 years. Encourages the good use of technology on kids an teenagers. Educational gymkhanas, Virtual EscapeRoom, books with Augmented Reality, interactive games with Kinect, etc.


Focuses on applying Augmented Reality and Virtual solutions in schools. We have created the Skoobi platform, an online platform (SaaS) for learning through educational challenges for Primary, Secondary and Bachelor students where they can create and view content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in a simple way.