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plataforma realidad aumentada educación realidad virtual

AR/VR Skoobi platform

Platform for creation and visualization of educational content in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for schools.

Augmented Reality books

Collection of educational books with gamified reading (ARBI) and language learning (Olili). All books provide an incredible experience in Augmented Reality.

libros educativos realidad aumentada arbi
consultoría educativa tecnología realidad aumentada realidad virtual

Educational consulting

We advise and accompany you throughout the whole process of creating experiences and projects in Augmented and Virtual Reality. We create customized educational and entertainment projects with the technologies of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

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Educational publishers

We create Augmented Reality books. We also accompany the client in the design of the idea, elaboration of sketches, programming of the Augmented Reality, layout and printing of the book.

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Editorial educativa tecnología